The view is built to display a list of articles chosen as entity references in another content type (newsletter), with some of their respective fields, using a relationship to get the fields of the articles. Said differently:
view => content | (filter) newsletter content type
fields =>

  1. entity reference,
  2. article.field_one (by relationship),
  3. article_field_two (by relationship), etc.

But my problem is, I can't just limit the result to one, because the entity reference is a multiple value field.

I need to create a fitler of a type "last [newsletter type] node created only", meaning last newsletter created, to limit the articles rendered in the view to ones selected as entity referenced in the last newsletter created.

So far I chose to sort to the last created and added a filter "last 7 days modified" newsletter. But I feel it is far from bulletproof and I am looking for a more permanent way.

So Is there a way to have this filter "last node created of type newsletter"?

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