I have a Drupal 8 site with a view that uses a taxonomy term as a contextual filter. In a block display for this view, we have a custom button, defined in the footer, that links to a page showing the full page display of the view.

We want the "Read More" custom link in the footer to carry the taxonomy term over to act as a filter on the page display of the view. However, when I go to edit the footer, under "AVAILABLE GLOBAL TOKEN REPLACEMENTS", "view", I see only these:

[view:base-field] - Base field: The base field used for this view.
[view:base-table] - Base table: The base table used for this view.
[view:current-page] - Current page: The current page of results the view is on.
[view:description] - Description: The description of the view.
[view:id] - ID: The machine-readable ID of the view.
[view:items-per-page] - Items per page: The number of items per page.
[view:label] - Label: The label of the view.
[view:page-count] - Page count: The total page count.
[view:title] - Title: The title of current display of the view.
[view:total-rows] - Total rows: The total amount of results returned from the view. The current display will be used.
[view:url] - URL: The URL of the view.

I don't see a token for contextual filter values. Am I looking in the right place? Is there a module that already does it? Or should I write my own?

Edit So I've been poking around, and I found that if I check "Use replacement tokens from the first row", it shows me the following "REPLACEMENT PATTERNS":

{{ path }} == Content: Link to Content
{{ field_image }} == Card Image (rewritten)
{{ title }} == Content: Title
{{ arguments.term_node_tid_depth }} == Content: Has taxonomy term ID (with depth) title
{{ raw_arguments.term_node_tid_depth }} == Content: Has taxonomy term ID (with depth) input

So none of these are the taxonomy value that I want. In the page the display, the filter in the url looks like this socks-and-shoes, when the term is Socks and Shoes. So what I need is the token to generate socks-and-shoes from that term. Just as a shot in the dark, I tried raw_arguments.term_node_term, but that gave me no value.

I also grepped the codebase trying to discover more tokens, specifically view argument taxonomy terms, but I didn't turn up anything.

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