I've tried several different ways to try access the value of a field item list value without success.

The item in question within Drupal 8 is a float text field and I need the unmodified number from this. The value gained from the standard content.field_latitude[0]['#markup'] call is rounded in some manner so I want to grab the one located in the #items object as shown in the screen shot below.

I can get this via a preprocessor in the theme file but want to avoid using a preprocess if I can and want to gain access directly in the twig file.

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To get the value you've highlighted in the debug output in Twig:

{{ content.field_latitude['#items'].0.value }}

You can see this follows the path you've shown in the screenshot, but missing the protected values array. Instead it uses .value on the field item, which calls a magic method __get('value') to retrieve the protected property.

But as @MarioSteinitz commented it's better to use the node object:

{{ node.field_latitude.value }}

Because content is not an API like the methods of the node object. It is a render array which can change when you configure the field display differently or install a layout module.

And never use the |raw filter on user input!


Use the raw filter:

{{ content.field_latitude[0]|raw }}

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