I make some query for views filter for nodes. Use in hook_views_query_alter.

$definition = [
   'table' => 'node__field_characs',
   'field' => 'field_characs_target_id',
   'left_table' => 'taxonomy_index',
   'left_field' => 'tid',
   'operator' => '='
$join = \Drupal::service('plugin.manager.views.join')->createInstance('standard', $definition);
$rel = $query->addRelationship('node__field_characs', $join, 'taxonomy_index');
$query->addTable('node__field_characs', $rel, $join, 'node__field_characs');

I add array of conditions.

$q_and = db_and();
foreach($ch_id as $key => $val_array){
   $q_and->condition('node__field_characs.field_characs_target_id', $val_array, 'IN');
$query->addWhere(0, $q_and);

But if array $ch_id have more then 1 elements, it works wrong. It does not show any nodes.

A similar problem is described here Perform a query with an entity field condition with multiple values. But how can this be applied in this case?


you try this code:

$and = $query->andConditionGroup();
foreach($ch_id as $key => $val_array){
   $and->condition('node__field_characs.field_characs_target_id', $val_array, 'IN');


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