When a field is required, Drupal removes the default "-None-" value. However, also for a required field, "-None-" is very valuable as it requires the user to make a deliberate selection (put the first value on the select list as default doesn't force a sloppy user to make a selection).

I need to:

  • Have "-None-" as default value in the select list of a required field
  • Not accept "-None-" as field value when the form is submitted

How can I achieve this with hook_form_alter()?


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By default, the label for the first default option is automatically set to "- Select -" for a required field and "- None -" for an optional field. To force the #empty_option to also show "- None -" for a required field, assign it with something like:

"#empty_option" => t('- None -'),

This will keep everything else intact and will do exactly what you want. See class Select.

  • Hello @leymannx. This is indeed the general rule. However, this does not apply to all select fields. In some cases, I don't see the "-Select a value-" as default option for a select list : an entity reference, the country field of the address module. Any idea on how to tackle these (perhaps I should update my question accordingly? Sorry, I'm new to stack exchange...)
    – Dendreten
    Oct 4, 2018 at 17:53

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