My Drupal 7 websites started to throw 500 error when I see the search result page.

How to replicate:

When I enter any keyword and hit search button then I see this URL "http://www.website.com/search/node/keyword" and I see the broken page layout with no result. and I see the error "500 server error" on browser console. Please see the screenshot: https://snag.gy/VsoQqj.jpg

Please see the screenshot of search settings and permissions

Search Module: https://snag.gy/LNBciP.jpg

Search Permission: https://snag.gy/EGMIfc.jpg

Search Settings: https://snag.gy/7yGmQ6.jpg


It is really hard to say without seeing an actual error.

Do you have see this url: "http://www.website.com/search/node/keyword" or was this just to give an example? If you see that url, I supposed that you see this in an ajax call somewhere since you would get a 404 and not a 500 error. If you see this error, check in your settings.php file if you have a base_url variable set to www.website.com.

Go in /admin/reports/dblog and chec if you get a more detailed error message.

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