I have several Drupal 7 sites using the same installation in the same server. Two of those sites are returning "Europe/London" when running date_default_timezone_get(). This timezone is different from the one returned by drupal_get_user_timezone() or variable_get('date_default_timezone'), which (correctly) return "America/Denver". For the rest of the sites the returned timezone is the same for all three functions.

The fact that I get a different timezone with the php function is creating issues for those two sites; for example, token replacements of date field are returning London time, not the site timezone's time.

What may be causing this discrepancy? Is there any way to correct that? I tried including the line date.timezone = "America/Denver" in php.ini without success.

I'm running php5.6 on Apache 2.4.36

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I figured out what was going on. I am using the module print with the external library mPDF (version 6.0). mPDF.php was changing my default timezone to "Europe/London" in line 80 (this bug has been reported in this version of mPDF). Apparently this line was running after drupal_session_initialize() in session.inc, which sets the default timezone for the session to match the site's selected timezone.

What's strange is that mPDF was only affecting 2 of my sites. Apparently the session initialization in the other sites was running after the mPDF command? I commented out those lines and all the timezones now match.

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