I need to edit the hook_menu function in my module. I need to add a new link to a menu, and edit the path for an existing link. Is this possible without creating a whole new module?

The only example in the docs for when hook_menu runs is when the module is enabled. Is there any other time it runs?

  • hook_menu(), together hook_menu_alter(), is invoked when menu definitions needs to be rebuild, which normally happens when any module is installed, removed, enabled, or disabled. The question is a little unclear, though. What do you mean by I need to edit the hook_menu() function in my module? Disable the module, edit the code, and re-enable the module. – kiamlaluno Oct 8 '18 at 20:29

Clearing the cache the menu and routing tables will be reconstructed.

In the admin UI, go to:


Using drush:

drush cache-clear all

Other methods are described here: How do I call the menu_rebuild function in Drupal 7?

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