In my type of product variation, I have 4 different display :

  • Default
  • Panier (Cart)
  • Teaser
  • Teaser relation

enter image description here

I have created a template for product type and want to display the "Photo" field of the "Teaser" display of the product variation type.

Here is what I put in my template:

{{ product.variation_field_produit_image }}

The problem is that it displays the "Photo" field of the "Default" display.

How to get the "Photo" field of the "Teaser" display?

  • It should be taking the one from the matching view mode, "teaser" in your case. Can you check whether you're running latest Commerce (2.9)? – Bojan Zivanovic Oct 10 '18 at 16:15

You can create another template for that specific view mode.

The naming of that template should be commerce-product-variation--product-type--view-mode.html.twig.

So you can create a template called commerce-product-variation--PRODUCTTYPE--teaser.html.twig, and then print the image field from there.

  • Thank you, but that's not my question. I already have this file. I want to display a precise display mode of the type of variation – 553aa08930 Oct 11 '18 at 0:49

Try the bamboo twig module with

{{ bamboo_render_image_style('public://antistatique.jpg', 'thumbnail') }}


{{ bamboo_render_entity('node', 2, 'teaser') }}

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