I am trying to import config on my staging site, and I repeatedly get the following message:

Another request may be synchronizing configuration already.

I know that there are no other processes currently importing config, so there is some rogue lock.

I am using config_split module on the site, but both methods of config import report the lock. I have updated the site to Drupal 8.6.1 but the issue may have existed prior to the update.

Question: How can I remove the lock using Drush or some other method?


My specific issue was that Redis module update to 1.0 brought with it new redis.services.yml file in the module. Updating my site's Redis services file, in sites/default/, resolved the issue.

What was happening was that the alreadyImporting() method of ConfigImporter defaults to true, when in fact my mis-configuration would have been returning an error I think.

This issue pointed me in the right direction: https://www.drupal.org/project/redis/issues/2996655

If it had been a simple lock issue the following should have worked I think:

drush ev "\Drupal::lock()->release('config_importer');"
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    Bummer, unfortunately, this didn't resolve my issue. Oh well, thanks for posting.
    – Patrick
    Feb 14 '20 at 1:12

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