Our news director used an image he shouldn't have and now the photographer is asking for $5,000. I think we'll settle for less.

Now the top brass are asking me to delete from the server all the images older than 6 months old just out of an abundance of cation so this doesn't happen again. I let them know that that is badly frowned upon because it will cause broken images, and they agreed that a more elegant solution would be to write a PHP script that removed the image reference out of the node tables, this way I can also choose to only remove images from News Articles content type. Our blog posts, calendar nodes, etc. mostly use images we make ourselves so its the News Articles that are the largest risk.

Are there any modules or tools that would, ideally, read the image metadata and verify that the images are all labeled for reuse? Or is that whimsical thinking?

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    Whimsical, I don't know. At least this would be quite some magic module. Anyhow, asking to recommend a module, tutorial, book, tutorial or other off-site resource is considered off-topic on Drupal Answers. – leymannx Oct 10 '18 at 19:41

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