I'm trying to migrate my drupal site to another hosting provider. Took the database and files, migrated them over. I don't have my URL moved yet so I'm using a temp URL by the hosting provider. The home page loads up but when I try to login as admin, it always gives me user/password error. I've reset the admin user directly in the DB. I've removed the .htaccess and added it back and nothing has changed, I still cannot login. (I'm using "/?q=user" to login.) Of course reset password link is sent out but it doesn't work (I get a 404) as it's a clean URL. Note, I also cannot click on other links on the site, they give me a 404 but I think its only because of clean URLs having not been turned off earlier.

I migrated the site without the clean urls turned off. I'm going to try that out later but if anyone can tell me what to do next or point me to the logs location would be helpful.

Before I move my domain over, I want to make sure that I can actually login and access all pages of the migrated site.

Drupal 7

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