I came upon a little problem during work today. I'm developing an angular frontend for a Drupal backend and want to redirect certain users from the angular site to the Drupal site.

I log in as follows:

public logToDrupal(username: string, password: string): Promise<object> {
    return this.http.post(`${this.globals.env.login}?_format=json`, {
      'name': username,
      'pass': password

This returns a Status code: 200 OK and the following JSON:


I then redirect the user like so:

this.users.logToDrupal(this.username, this.password)
                .then(() => {
                  this.router.navigate(['/externalRedirect', { externalUrl: 'mydrupalbackend.my/admin' }])
                    .catch((err) => {

And I stumble upon an Access denied: You are not authorized to access this page. page.

After some hours googling I'm still not sure about how to procede. I think this has something to do with setting the session, because Drupal checks for a session, but I don't know how to do this from the frontend. I've tried several things involving the CSRF token to no avail.

Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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