I didn't know exactly how to ask this but the idea of what I need is very simple.

I have content type A with 2 fields: title and A2

Then I have another content type, B, with a node reference field (select box) that references title from node type A.

What I need is that the options in the select box are the concatenation of both title and A2 field.

Is this possible without coding my own module?


Install the Entity Reference module. It allows you to pull up information from one content type into another. Here is a super helpful tutorial of pretty much what you want to achieve so there is no need for me to provide detail explanation here. https://atendesigngroup.com/blog/getting-started-references-drupal

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  • Thanks Dupls. That solved it. I used the Entity Reference module and created a view with the data I needed - title, A2 and a custom text field with the concatenation of both fields. In fact, this is a better way to do it because I can filter, sort and control what my reference field is showing. – zephirus Oct 12 '18 at 15:20

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