I use Features and Strongarm to manage configuration of my Drupal 7 systems.

Until now I was creating features manually but even with Features Tools installed and ajax features status disabled it is a mundane process.

I want a separate feature for each contrib module and a separate feature for each view.

Is there a way to create features automatically or at least more quickly, maybe using drush ?


You can use the Drush features add/export commands (add was removed in the latest version of Features (rc1)). As there have been a lot of changes recently with features rc1 and drush 5.0, the exact commands will differ depending on your setup, but drush help will list the features commands and drush help fe will show you the details (in this case, how to export [e.g., create] a feature).

If you really needed to create a lot of features, you could script Drush (either extend Drush itself or run Drush via bash script, etc.)

  • Thank you for your prompt answer. I will try drush fe as you suggested. Good point, I also pack drush commands into bash scripts. I just didn't use drush & features integration until now. – Refineo Mar 31 '12 at 12:04

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