I use Drupal 8 Paragraphs module.

I created a Content type Landingpage.

I create some Paragraph types like Hero Image, Intro text etc.

In the Content type Landingpage I created a Paragraph Entity reference revisions field. In the REFERENCE TYPE, the Paragraph types Hero Image, Intro text are selected.

How do I manage the site editor is able to only insert one time (one value), the Hero Image Paragraph type? Because it doesn't make sense to have more then one Hero image section on the website...


Things which only should be unique to a node, should better be attached directly to that node.

There's already a feature request on DO. But I'd recommend you to solve this by attaching these things directly to the node, with standard image or text fields.

-- node type
  |__ hero image field
  |__ intro text field
  |__ paragraphs field

The only other alternative I see is to add multiple Paragraphs fields to your content type and then limit them to only one type and one item.

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