There's a taxonomy list labeled games-list that's used in both the content type named game and user field subscribed. Each game has exactly one of the terms from games-list selected, but a user can select an unlimited amount of items within subscribed.

To be clear, both the user field subscribed and the content type field game are a term reference field that's linked to games-list.

My goal is to create a view that shows a list of content from game that is unique to each user, and that only shows the values of game that has been selected by the user from subscribed.

Whenever I try to filter by "currently logged in user," it only shows content that was authored by that user. Specifically, how do I configure the view to show only content that the user wants, regardless of who authored that content?

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I figured it out.

The key was to create a "user" view from the beginning, and not a "content" view. Then, the view provided me with all the necessary relationships/filters that I could use. I got this idea from Views - Filtering nodes by current user profile field.

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