We had to rename the handle of a twitter account. The twitter timeline view now only shows tweets with the new handle. I guess its because of the screen_name join

This is the view sql statement in the view preview:

SELECT twitter.created_time AS twitter_created_time, twitter.entities AS twitter_entities, twitter.text AS twitter_text, twitter_account.name AS twitter_account_name, twitter_account.screen_name AS twitter_account_screen_name
{twitter} twitter
LEFT JOIN {twitter_account} twitter_account ON twitter.screen_name = twitter_account.screen_name
WHERE (( (twitter_account.protected = '0') ))
ORDER BY twitter_created_time DESC

There are no filters in the view regarding account name. There is only one account added in the twitter settings since the old handle doesnt exist anymore (but the formerly imported tweets do, of course).

How can I show all tweets?

  • Assuming this is Drupal?? I guess query for the old name and rewrite the value to the new name? – Kevin Oct 16 '18 at 13:55

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