I have a view with a contextual filter, and a few tabs corresponding to a taxonomy. In my module.links.menu.yml I have something like this:

  title: 'List of apples'
  route_name: view.fruit_view.page_1
  route_parameters: { fruittype: 'apple' }
  menu_name: main

So I have my tab "List of apples", but the URL has the form http://localhost/it/fruit_view?fruittype=apple (which works), but I'd rather have it as http://localhost/it/fruit_view/apple (which also works). I suppose there may be a parameter for .link.menu.yml to achieve this, but I cannot find the full documentation. I checked the documentation and the source, but that didn't help. Any suggestion?

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Never mind - solved it. In the view definition, I changed the path from /fruit_view to /fruit_view/%fruittype, and I got the URLs as I wanted them. I also had to remove the menu voice defined in the view, but that's not a problem, since I have to redefine the filtered ones anyway.

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