I've created a controller with the route "/get-info", the controller return a template custom-info.html.twig

my_module/src/Controller/MyController.php file:


namespace Drupal\my_module\Controller;

use Drupal\Core\Controller\ControllerBase;

class MyController extends ControllerBase {

  public function content() {

    return [
      '#theme' => "custom_info",

my_module/templates/custom-info.html.twig file:

<h1> Hello World </h1>

When visiting the path: www.mySite.com/get-info I get response with the header an footer of my site and "Hello World" as content. but when using <iframe src="www.mySite.com/get-info"></iframe> in an other Drupal project I get an empty iframe.

Is this the right way to create iFrame-ready Widgets in Drupal 8? if so what should I add/remove to make it work?


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The problem was solved by installing and enabling Allow site iframing contrib module.

Drupal 8 has a feature built into core that stops the site from being rendered within an iframe, there are good reasons for this - https://www.drupal.org/node/2514136 But sometimes you want your site in an iframe, so that's what this module does.

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