In my comment type, I created a "teaser" view.

When I enable the debug mode in the "service.yml" file, the display modes of the comments do not appear in the suggestions.

Why ?

How to use a different display mode than the default one ?

How to customize the display mode "teaser" with a twig file ?

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I created a file named comment--field-article-commentaire--teaser.html.twig

It contains the following code, but it is not rendered

<article{{ attributes.addClass('js-comment comment--field-article-commentaire--teaser') }}>

  test comment


I also created the following file comment--field-article-commentaire.html.twig

It contains the following code. It works, but impossible to use "teaser"

<article{{ attributes.addClass('js-comment comment--field-article-commentaire') }}>

  <div class="col-xs-12 col-sm-12 col-md-12 col-lg-12 bs-region-comment">

    <div class="col-xs-3 col-sm-3 col-md-2 col-lg-2 bs-left">
      {{ drupal_entity('user', comment.uid.target_id, 'comment') }}

      <div class="bs-field-status">
       {{ drupal_entity('user', comment.uid.target_id, 'status') }}


    <div class="col-xs-9 col-sm-9 col-md-10 col-lg-10 bs-right">
     <b><i>{{ created }}</i></b>
     {{ content.field_article_commentaire }}
     {{ content.links }}
     {{ content.flag_report_comment }}




I found this :


Pattern: comment--[comment-field-name]--[node-type].html.twig
Base template: comment.html.twig (base location: core/modules/comment/template/comment.html.twig)

There is no explanation for displaying a display mode. However, it is possible to add display modes to the type of comment.

How to use them ?


{{ drupal_entity('comment', content.comment_body['#object'].id, 'teaser') }}

should do the trick.

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