I have created a custom entity type (without bundles) using the Drupal Console command. Everything works fine with the out the box stuff. I can configure fields, the order of the form and the order of the output display.

However, it seems impossible to add and new View Modes to my new entity type. I have tried adding a new mode to the "Content" view modes section but I don't have the collapsable details section to be able to enable new view modes.

Is there a setting I have missed in the entity code that will display this?

  • It is possible to add new view modes in UI. When you go to /admin/structure/display-modes/view/add you should be able the select the custom entity (and not "Content", which would be the wrong entity). – 4k4 Oct 21 '18 at 9:30

As always, I found the answer just after posting the question.

For others looking for the same thing, you need to create an install .yml file in your custom module. I found this by looking at the Media module in core.

In your module create config/install/core.entity_view_mode.ENTITY_TYPE_ID.NAME_OF_VIEW_MODE_TO_CREATE.yml that implements the following:

langcode: en # Or your default site language
status: false
    - my_module
id: entity_type_id.name_of_view_mode_to_create
label: 'My new View Mode'
targetEntityType: entity_type_id
cache: true

I hope this helps someone else too :D


This can also be achieved through the UI.

  1. Logged in as admin, press Structure > Display modes > View modes > Add ( /admin/structure/display-modes/view/add )
  2. Select your custom entity type to add a display mode
  3. Enter a name for the display mode

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