I would like to get the published date of my node. On the site I created a news block with a view. In the view I added a field and customised it by the rewrite results with "published on {{ created }}". But sometimes I create the news the day before, then it shows the created date, but I will like to have the published date.

What's the name for the published date? {{ publish_on }} didn't works.

  • Out of the box a node only has two values, created or changed. If you add a field for published date, you would render that in twig as {{ content.field_FIELDNAME }}.
    – Kevin
    Oct 22, 2018 at 20:12

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There isn't a published date out of the box.

You can try using Publication Date module.

The Publication Date module adds a "Published on" date for each node, containing the date when it was first published.

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