I have a Drupal 8 site and I need to dynamically redirect the user after they set their password for the first time after using their one-time login link.

I cannot figure out any way to hook into the workflow for this condition. Is it possible?


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If you wanna redirect users, the below solution won't work, because '/user/reset/{uid}/{timestamp}/{hash}/login' controlled by UserController::resetPassLogin action if you see the return of resetPassLogin :

  • @return \Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\RedirectResponse
    • Returns a redirect to the user edit form if the information is correct.
    • If the information is incorrect redirects to 'user.pass' route with a
    • message for the user.

I figure out a solution but i'm not sure if its the best way to do it:
for example if i want to redirect the user after first login to admin/content, i will override the resetPassLogin action like the following:


  path: '/user/reset/{uid}/{timestamp}/{hash}/login'
    _controller: '\Drupal\myModule\Controller\CustomUserController::customResetPassLogin'
    _title: 'Reset password'
    _user_is_logged_in: 'FALSE'
    _maintenance_access: TRUE
    no_cache: TRUE


namespace Drupal\myModule\Controller;

use Drupal\user\Controller\UserController;
use Drupal\Component\Utility\Crypt;
use Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Exception\AccessDeniedHttpException;

class CustomUserController extends UserController {

  public function customResetPassLogin($uid, $timestamp, $hash) {
    // The current user is not logged in, so check the parameters.
    $current = REQUEST_TIME;
    /** @var \Drupal\user\UserInterface $user */
    $user = $this->userStorage->load($uid);

    // Verify that the user exists and is active.
    if ($user === NULL || !$user->isActive()) {
      // Blocked or invalid user ID, so deny access. The parameters will be in
      // the watchdog's URL for the administrator to check.
      throw new AccessDeniedHttpException();

    // Time out, in seconds, until login URL expires.
    $timeout = $this->config('user.settings')->get('password_reset_timeout');
    // No time out for first time login.
    if ($user->getLastLoginTime() && $current - $timestamp > $timeout) {
        ->addError($this->t('You have tried to use a one-time login link that has expired. Please request a new one using the form below.'));
      return $this->redirect('user.pass');
    elseif ($user->isAuthenticated() && ($timestamp >= $user->getLastLoginTime()) && ($timestamp <= $current) && Crypt::hashEquals($hash, user_pass_rehash($user, $timestamp))) {
      $this->logger->notice('User %name used one-time login link at time %timestamp.', [
        '%name'      => $user->getDisplayName(),
        '%timestamp' => $timestamp,
        ->addStatus($this->t('You have just used your one-time login link. It is no longer necessary to use this link to log in. Please change your password.'));
      // Let the user's password be changed without the current password
      // check.
      $token = Crypt::randomBytesBase64(55);
      $_SESSION['pass_reset_' . $user->id()] = $token;
       * @TODO: change the route name to yours
      return $this->redirect(
          'absolute' => TRUE,

      ->addError($this->t('You have tried to use a one-time login link that has either been used or is no longer valid. Please request a new one using the form below.'));
    return $this->redirect('user.pass');


NOTE : change system.admin_content by your route name.


You could try using hook_user_login() in a custom module or theme.

function my_module_user_login($account) {

  // Get the end part of the URL.
  $request_uri = \Drupal::request()->getRequestUri();

  // Check if the URL is a reset / one time login link.
  if (strpos($request_uri, 'user/reset') !== false) {

function _my_module_custom_function() {
  // Do stuff.

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