I am looking for help getting a news block working for my website.

I currently have:

  • A paragraphs field on a content type where the user can add a "Department News" paragraph.
    • The page it's being added on is within an Organic Group (for departments).
    • The News Articles are using entity reference to relate them to the department.
    • I'm trying to use EVA to attach that display created by the view to the paragraph.

In the view, I use the preview to pass it the value of the OG (the gid), and it works. The part that is not working seems to be EVA - I am using the EVA display under "Manage Display" for my paragraph, but it's not actually displaying anything on the page.

I'm not sure if the issue has something to do with Paragraphs not being able to grab the OG context?

Here is a screenshot of my view.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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