Sorry I'm newbie in drupal 8
I want to render my content from database which have <p> tags inside and my expectation every <p>content</p> will create new paragraph
My database content was like this:

<p>Content 1</p>

<p>Content 2</p>

<p>Content 3<a href="#"></a></p>

I was try using {{ content.value |raw }} but it was render all content without create new paragraph

I also try using {{ content.value | raw | nl2br }} and {{ content.value | replace({"\n": "<br>"}) | raw }} but this one create double <br> every paragraph so my paragraph become annoying

Is there any solution in twig to render <p> tags to create beautifull paragraph?

Thank you


1) It's bad security practice to use |raw. See How do I get the raw field value in a twig template? for proper/safe way to do it.

2) I am confident that {{ content.field_name }} or {{ entity.field_name.value }} is printing your <p> tags. If you right click and inspect element, you should see them in the HTML. Your issue must be CSS related perhaps the p { ... } CSS code have an inline or a float in them.

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