I can add an order item from the cart by doing this :


Is there a similar way to delete a product line from my cart ?


Orders have a removeItem method defined on their interface. You just need to pass the loaded order item to that method, and then delete the orderitem.

 * Removes an order item.
 * @param \Drupal\commerce_order\Entity\OrderItemInterface $order_item
 *   The order item.
 * @return $this
public function removeItem(OrderItemInterface $order_item);

See how the commerce_xquantity module does this: https://github.com/drugan/commerce_xquantity/blob/8.x-1.x/src/Entity/XquantityOrderItem.php#L318


Example function on how to remove all the products of specific product type from cart:

function _remove_all_products_of_types($typesToRemove)
  $orders = \Drupal::service('commerce_cart.cart_provider')->getCarts();
  $items = reset($orders)->getItems();

  foreach ($items as $item){
    $productType = $item->getPurchasedEntity()->get('type')[0]->get('target_id')->getValue();
    if (in_array($productType, $typesToRemove)){
      foreach ($orders as $order){

Function parameter is array of product type machine names (strings).

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