I try to use the slice filter in order to limit a link to a specific amount of characters. The field that I render is a link field and my code is the following:

{% set title_text = title|render|striptags %}
     {{ title_text|length > 65 ?
         title_text|slice(0,65)  :

Unforturnately some characters like the apostrophe are not rendered appropriately.

So instead of rendering "I've learned", they render "I& #039;ve learned"

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Actually the culprit is |striptags

The problem with using twig's |striptags is double encoding of html entities, not markup, so & becomes & and then &amp; – Berdir

source: How do I get the raw field value in a twig template?

If your setup relies on you running striptags last, you will need to do this all of this magic in a preprocess function with php setting a variable here and then printing your formatted variable on twig.

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