I have an entity reference field to Media Video.

I'm trying to get the uri to the video file in node template.

Most of the solution I found around is regarding Image/File. But not Video.

Tried Twig Field Value module but it doesn't work.

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If you use the media type Video installed by core, you'll find the URL in the field field_media_video_file:

{{ file_url(node.field_media.entity.field_media_video_file.entity.uri.value) }}

To display the raw url of a remote video field in twig (Drupal 9): {{ node.field_media.entity.field_media_oembed_video.0.value }}


to display the raw url of a remote video :

{{ content.field_media_oembed_video.0 }}

I obtained the raw url using the following.


Where field_video_link was my custom field.

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