Drupal 8.x

I have a paragraph that is installed via a custom module, this is done with .yml files in the MYMODULE/config/install/ directory. I would like to have a custom icon added to the "Paragraph type icon" field for the Paragraph type during install.

Example config export after manually uploading an image after the paragraph type is installed:

langcode: en
status: true
    - 'file:file:328b219f-01e9-4dfd-8fdd-c304fcf6e368'
id: paragraph_name
label: 'Paragraph Name'
icon_uuid: 328b219f-01e9-4dfd-8fdd-c304fcf6e368
description: ''
behavior_plugins: {  }

The icon value is set/exported as a uuid, I am wondering how I can set this field value during install using an icon that resides in my module folder?

I have functioning config files and .module file.

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