In Drupal 8, views translatable strings are translatable in the views translate pages, aka. admin/structure/views/view/%view%/translate/%lang%/edit

In these pages by default the English string is filled in the translation of every string, eg. Apply -> Apply.

If the string (eg. Apply) is already translated in User interface translation (admin/config/regional/translate) for a language, it is not used in the view, since the view setting (Apply -> Apply) overrides it.

If I remove the translated string from the view translation page (aka. Appply -> (empty)), then the global user interface translation for Apply in this language is used.

Is there a way, so that global user interface texts are used in views translations by default, so that for example I do not have to translate the string Apply for every view? Or am I doing sth wrong?

I am using Drupal 8.6.1.

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