I want to create a product catalog in drupal 8 commerce 2.

I have some products created, I also created a database index and in the view (Home>Administration>Structure>Views) I want to show 'rendered entity'(product teaser) instead of fields, because the variation field contains image, color, size... and I just want to display image, title and price in the catalog.

I tryed creating a new content type with a field 'Remote ID' but I have an error enabling this field, PluginNotFoundException, and I didn't found any solution.

So, I don't know how to create a teaser for a product without create a content type (or fixing the PluginNotFoundException).

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You can render individual fields from the variation, setting up a relationship in the View Advanced Section: Product uses variations.

After the relationship is set, then you can select what fields you need to display, filter or order the view results.


It is easy to do with the Commerce Quick Purchase module. Just add any number of Quickly add any product to cart blocks and set the inline or your custom template to display a variation in the block. See more: https://github.com/drugan/commerce_quick_purchase#inline-template

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