I'm trying to map multiple existing terms using their target_id values to an entity (Commerce Product) and I can only get the first value to map.

My yml file looks like this:

    plugin: explode
    source: tid
    delimiter: ','

And, for now, I'm hard coding two existing term ID values in through the source plugin like so:

$row->setSourceProperty('tid', '806,635');

But no matter what I try only the first term is referenced. And, yes, the term field is set to unlimited.

Any ideas?

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You need to use plugin sub_process. File yml have soure like this:

    plugin: sub_process
    source: tids
      target_id: tid

and soure plugin need to prepare:

$tids = [
      'tid' => 806,
      'tid' => 635
$row->setSourceProperty('tids', $tids);

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