I have a field collection item field named field_base_feature and it has two field repeated as much as needed. title and body. I want to wrap the field collection items in a custom div <div id="slider-item"></div> when the title has a value slider-item. So I have a following array of field_base_feature fc items.

field_base_feature = array(
    0 => array(
           'title' => 'contact'
           'body' => 'contact information' 
    1 => array(
           'title' => 'subscribe block'
           'body' => 'subscribe information' 
    2 => array(
           'title' => ' miscellaneous block'
           'body' => 'misc information' 
    3 => array(
           'title' => 'slider-item'
           'body' => '<img src="some.jpg">' 
    4 => array(
           'title' => 'slider-item'
           'body' => '<img src="some1.jpg">' 
    5 => array(
           'title' => 'slider-item'
           'body' => '<img src="some2.jpg">' 


So for the above one, what I would like is, to render it normally but when during the loop condition where title == 'slider-item' is TRUE then I would to wrap the slider items in a parent div wrapper. So it should render as.

  //Condition where title == slider-item is TRUE

 <div id="slider-item">

     <img src="some.jpg"> //item with slider-item as title
     <img src="some1.jpg"> //item with slider-item as title
     <img src="some2.jpg"> //item with slider-item as title


I tried the preprocess_field, and changing the template but I still didn't manage to get what I wanted. Hope the question is clear.

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