In Drupal 6 there was the Modal Frame API which made it to Drupal 7 core. However, I'm not sure how leverage the Overlay independent of being an administration screen. Is there any information about this?


Well, actually yes - overlay might be used too if needed. I have just done a quick write-up on this: http://zgadzaj.com/how-to-open-standard-content-pages-in-drupal-7s-administrative-overlay


No. However, core also contains jQuery UI Dialog, so you can use that (Views and Media both use it)

  • Are there any decent tutorials on how to use jQuery UI Dialog with Drupal 7? – Adam S Apr 26 '11 at 14:48
  • 1
    Nothing especial about using it in Drupal 7, D7 just provides you the files, you do everything else yourself, like in every tutorial. – Bojan Zivanovic Apr 26 '11 at 15:24
  • See drupal_add_library() -- you should use that function to add the resources needed by the jQuery UI Dialog (or any other jQuery UI components) to the current page. – Adam DiCarlo Sep 22 '11 at 20:27

This tutorial might help: How to Add a jQuery UI Dialog to Drupal 7. The Simple Dialog module might prove useful too.

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