TL;DR - I'm trying to build a migration - despite starting from scratch each time, the migrations from my D7 site are duplicated in the drush migrate-status output.


  • d7_node:contact (in the 'default' group)
  • upgrade_d7_node_contact (in the 'migrate_drupal_7' group)

and sometimes even recursively:

  • upgrade_upgrade_d7_node_contact

This is repeated for every migration.


  • Firstly, what's going on with the groups? There are no migrations listed under "default" in the UI, but an entire duplicate set when I use drush migrate-status. What's the default group for in this case? Can I ignore it?

  • That default group includes a bunch of d6_ migrations. Is that normal when you've generated migrations from a D7 legacy site? None are listed in migrate_drupal_7 or the 'Exporting x as y' output of migrate-upgrade, and obviously many will simply fail with an SQL error because the D6 table structure is different.

  • As well as resetting the DB before I start (I've verified there are no migrate_plus.migration config entries) and rebuilding the cache (memcached in this case) do I need to be resetting anything else? Does it point to a problem with the source DB?


I'm doing a D7-D8 upgrade, using migrate-upgrade to generate the configuration first so I can then use migrate-manifest to run selected migrations.

As is to be expected, this involves multiple attempts, so I have a clean DB (no content but the correct modules) which I reset to each time:

mysqladmin drop foo
mysqladmin create foo
drush sql:cli < my-clean-d8-db.sql
drush cr

At this stage, /admin/structure/migrate just has an empty Default group.

drush migrate-upgrade --legacy-db-key=migrate --legacy-root=/Users/me/Sites/foo --configure-only

This output of this looks sensible - to use one migration as an example:

Exporting d7_node:contact as upgrade_d7_node_contact

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