So I've had my first taste of Drupal Group, and it looks really promising so far. Now I may be missing something totally, but if my user (testuser1) is a member of a group with 2 other members, why can I not see the Member tab as testuser1? enter image description here

However, as a site admin I can see the Members Tab: enter image description here

I already have enabled the Group Type permission: View individual group members for both members and outsiders. So my question is, how do I allow members and outsiders to view the members of that group?

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Ok, so I have now realised that the Members tab I displayed above for the site admin, was actually just a tab to show the User-Group relationship, which in way no way links to the user's profile.

So I've applied a solution (which I'm happy with) using Views module. For now I'll just link to my pastebin for this and explain the solution a little later.

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