I am programatically saving values from an array $customer into a content type. The below code works fine and populates the content type customer_profile except for the field date of birth. This field is of type date and date type is set as date only (not date and time). The value in $customer['dob'] is '19/12/1938'. How do I insert this value?

$node_data['type'] = 'customer_profile';
$node_data['title'] = $customer['First Name'].' '.$customer['Last Name'];
$node_data['field_customer_gender']['value'] = $customer['Gender'];
$node_data['field_date_of_birth']['value'] = $customer['dob'];
$node = Node::create($node_data);

I think correct format is 'yyyy-mm-dd', try to insert '1938-12-19'

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    DateTime::createFromFormat('d/m/Y', '19/12/1938')->format('Y-m-d'); The above works in a normal php script and returns the desired format but when I assign $node_data['field_date_of_birth']['value'] = DateTime::createFromFormat('d/m/Y', '19/12/1938')->format('Y-m-d'); it doesnt work. I dont understand why – Akhil Mohandas Nov 15 '18 at 15:04

I successfully converted and inserted the date by

   $node_data['field_date_of_birth']['value'] = Datetime\DrupalDateTime::createFromFormat('d/m/Y', $item['DOB'])->format('Y-m-d')

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