I have a dev site that I cannot access that contains content ad structure I want to extract. To gain access I created a new dev website and copied over the contributed modules and theme I am using. I then imported the database containing the data. When I go to the custom home page there is no login (I had not yet added it to the panel containing the home page display). To access the site, I must do one of two things:

  1. Access the site using Drush. I tried using Drush user-login which returns a link "http://default/user/reset/1/..." It is not clear how to use the link. Using it directly as-is leads to an unknown website search. Using it as example.com/default/user/reset/1/... leads to a page not found error. Having never done this before, I am not sure what to expect.
  2. If I could change the theme to a standard one such as Bartik through the database or other means I would then have access to a login block. Where is the current theme stored?

Any other suggestions gratefully accepted:)

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I think default is substituted for the site name in your drush result, try http://example.com/user/reset/1 which would be the standard password reset page for a user with a uid of 1 (the admin user).

If that doesn't work the default theme is set by the theme_default variable...you can edit the variable table in the database manually and set the value column for that variable to whatever theme you want.

  • Once again, thanks! Had the drush link been to example... I would have understood better :( Also, being new to sql, your answer got be reviewing the variables table. Nice table!
    – Ashlar
    Apr 2, 2012 at 18:29

my favorite set of commands :

drush sqlq "select name from users where uid=1;"

returns a name of the admin user (i tend to set different names for reasons of security and then forget them :)

drush upwd admin --password=NewSafePassword

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