I have made a custom form to create nodes for a specific content type. Due to that, I want to throw a 403 or 404 on the admin page that creates new node. The route I mean is 'node/add/'.

I guess in my_module.routing.yml I have to add something like this:

    path: '/node/add/<CONTENT_TYPE>'
        _controller: 'Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Exception\NotFoundHttpException'

But I'm not able to find the right controller. Any idea?


You can define a route where _access is set to FALSE, like this one from a test in core:

  path: '/system-test/always-denied'
    _title: 'Always denied'
    _controller: 'chop'
    _access: 'FALSE'

Although in this case an extra route shouldn't be necessary, because you can deny the permission to add a content type in UI.

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