How can we move or override the placement of the comments in a node. Usually the comment section is placed inside its content div. My aim is to place this comment section out of its parent div which is usually the node content.

<div class="content">
 <div property="schema:text" ...>
        Some Node Contents ...
 <section rel="schema:comment" ...> <!--move this comment section from here -->
    <h2>Add new comment</h2>
    <span data-big-pipe-placeholder-id="..."></span>
<!-- to here -->

I have my template overrides

  • field--comment.html.twig
  • comment.html.twig
  • page.html.twig

Inside themes/contrib/mytheme/templates


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Depending on which container you want to escape, you need to use either node.html.twig (recommended) or page.html.twig (harder, unlike node you can't use {{ content.field_comment }} in page).

If you are using node.html.twig (or somehting like node--BUNDLENAME.html.twig) and you manually render {{ content.field_comment }}, then you can avoid double-rendering of comments by rendering the "normal" content using the without filter {{ content|without('field_comment') }}

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