I have a regular node in my main menu that:

  1. if an anonymous user clicks on it, the node should be shown regularly
  2. if a logged in user clicks on it, there should be a redirect to an external website

I tried

HOOK_menu_link_alter but that only is invoked on edit-and-save (if menu item is created via web)

HOOK_node_view that seems to work but does not seem like a good solution to load the complete node and check for the user just to redirect

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Instead of altering the menu link per role (which is tricky considering the process with which menus are built and cached), I would suggest you go for adding redirects per role.

The Url Redirect module should be able to help you achieve it.

  • Url Redirect is a simple, flexible module for allowing user(s) / role(s) to redirect from one path to other.
  • Url Redirect is also handy to add / edit / delete url(s) , specify role(s) / user(s) for url redirect, set a message for url redirect, enable / disable.

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