I'm using JSON:API to migrate data from one Drupal 8 site to another and can successfully migrate taxonomy terms. However, the hierarchy is not preserved.

My taxonomy migration looks like this:

langcode: en
status: true
id: migration_taxonomy_tags
label: Import taxonomy
migration_group: production_import
migration_dependencies: {}
dependencies: {} 
  plugin: entity:taxonomy_term
  default_bundle: tags

  plugin: url
  data_fetcher_plugin: http
  data_parser_plugin: json
    source_base_path: 'https://sitename.com/'
  urls: https://sitename.com/jsonapi/taxonomy_term/tags?_format=api_json

      type: integer

  item_selector: data/

      name: tid
      label: 'Tid'
      selector: /attributes/tid
      name: uuid
      label: 'Uuid'
      selector: /attributes/uuid
      name: name
      label: 'Name'
      selector: /attributes/name
      name: changed
      label: 'Changed'
      selector: /attributes/changed
      name: status
      label: 'Status'
      selector: /attributes/status
      name: description
      label: 'Description'
      selector: /attributes/description
      name: path
      label: 'Path'
      selector: /attributes/path
      name: parent
      label: 'Parent'
      selector: /relationships/parent

    plugin: default_value
    default_value: taxonomy

  tid: tid
  uuid: uuid
  name: name
  changed: changed
  status: status
  path: path
  description: description

    plugin: migration_lookup
    migration: migration_taxonomy_tags
    source: parent

and the endpoint returns data formatted as such:

  type: "taxonomy_term--geographic_location",
  id: "34f9b380-f976-4ed9-8517-916d47320cea",
  attributes: { 
    tid: 719,
    uuid: "34f9b380-f976-4ed9-8517-916d47320cea",
    langcode: "en",
    status: true,
    name: "Africa",
    description: null,
    changed: 1533567134,
    path: {
      alias: "/taxonomy/tags/africa",
      pid: 873,
      langcode: "en"
  relationships: {
    vid: {  
      data: {   
        type: "taxonomy_vocabulary--taxonomy_vocabulary",
        id: "e793ed10-5343-4acb-bd36-4230e5c0dfb5"
      links: {
        self: "http://sitename.…320cea/relationships/vid",
        related: "http://sitename.…d9-8517-916d47320cea/vid"
      parent: {
        data: {
          0: {  
            type: "taxonomy_term--geographic_location",
            id: "virtual",
            meta: { 
              links: {  
                help: { 
                  href: "https://www.drupal.org/d…pi/core-concepts#virtual",
                  meta: {…}
          links: {  
            self: "http://sitename.com/relationships/parent",
            related: "http://sitename.…8517-916d47320cea/parent""

I've seen an answer for importing from CSV with hierarchy, but that assumes a PID field. Unfortunately, the endpoint created by JSON API doesn't return that.

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