So i have a migration set which creates new nodes during import from a json. Works as designed, but during import there are object which might have already been created, in this case only a certain field should be updated, and only under a certain condition.

Here is my migration.yml:

id: my_contacts
label: 'Contact migration'
  plugin: my_source
  track_changes: true
    plugin: default_value
    default_value: contact
  title/value: EN_Title
  field_email/value: EN_Email
  field_phone/value: EN_Phone
    plugin: default_value
    default_value: 1
    plugin: default_value
    default_value: 'published'
    plugin: default_value
    default_value: 1
  created: created
  plugin: entity:node
  default_bundle: contact
    - field_phone

So when i import, the field_phone will be overwritten if the id already exists, which is excellent, but i only want to do that under certain conditions. Idealy it would be a custom process plugin where i can compare some values.

pseudo-code (aka this is in pseudo-code what i would like to achieve):

  plugin: entity:node
  default_bundle: contact
    - field_phone:
        process: my_custom_process

And then in the process file:

 * @MigrateProcessPlugin(
 *   id = "my_custom_process"
 * )
class MyCustomProcess extends ProcessPluginBase
    public function transform($value, MigrateExecutableInterface $migrate_executable, Row $row, $destination_property) {
        if (condition) {
            return $value;
        } else {
            return null; //skip overwriting of this field???

If there is any other way to overwrite a field during migration if a condition is met that would be super?

Thanks, Will

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