I'm using metatag and addtoany modules to customize my og tags for sharing this on social networks like facebook and others. But i try to configurate the option of metatag module on my view using tokens and don't works well. Let me explain my view config.

I have a view general "servicios" and I use the title as contextual filter, then I have another view page with contextual filter using the title. The addtoany buttons are on the page with contextual filter like "servicios/something". When I configured the metatag options on view with contextual filter don't take the config on my final view page.

My view config:

View config

Metatag config

Metatag config

metatag config 2

metatag config 3

And the result of share the content is:

result of share

show the logo of the page as image not the field_image.

And my field_imagen is a URL format,

Any idea?

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