I am being tasked with using an external RSS feed that does not correctly use the Author tag. Its values just contain a first and last name like this:

<author>John Smith</author>

After importing, the field remains blank.

I unfortunately do not have any control over the source RSS feed and cannot fix this.

I am using the RSS/Atom parser.

I have tried using "Author email", "Author name" and a custom source simply called "author" and none were able to parse the value.

What can be done about this?

How to reproduce:

To reproduce this error, you can import this feed into any Drupal site: https://www.drupal.org/files/issues/2018-12-03/feeds.feed_type.author_test.yml

The feed imports into the Article Content Type. The Author in the RSS is mapped to the Body field.

You can also use the following 2 RSS feeds for testing:

The only difference between these files is Line 23.

RSS 1 has:

<author>John Smith</author>

RSS 2 has:

<author>John@smith.com (John Smith)</author>

I need Feeds to work with RSS 1 for my issue to be solved.

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