After having read https://www.drupal.org/docs/8/api/translation-api/overview and in particular Translation for shipped configuration and configuration schemas I tried to use this ability to have translatable text inside a YML config file :

uuid: 81b1dc30-4163-4d40-a62f-5eb6cc3193a9
    type: string
    label: 'Default language'
status: true
    - field.storage.user.field_first_name
    - user
id: user.user.field_first_name
field_name: field_first_name
entity_type: user
bundle: user
    type: text
    label: 'First name'
description: ''
required: true
translatable: false
default_value: {  }
default_value_callback: ''
settings: {  }
field_type: string

I'd rather use this technique because otherwise as my site is used in several countries I would need to split each config file that includes a translation which makes the YML files maintenance more complex.

When I run drush cim I have the following error

The import failed due to the following reasons: Unexpected error during import with operation update for field.field.user.u ser.field_first_name: The configuration property langcode.type doesn't exist.

To be honnest I don't have enough Drupal expertise to understand the problem. Do you have any idea ?

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Found why my test was incorrect : I was trying to modify the configuration file using the directives normally designed for the configuration schema (not the configuration file contents itself). Turned out my configuration value was already translated.

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