I have a view with an exposed filter. This exposed filter is for taxonomy terms on content types.

However, the client is asking for some special behavior of the exposed filter dropdown. First, they want only terms that are actually used in the views content to populate the filter dropdown. They don't want users selecting a taxonomy term in the filter, and then getting no results.

Second, they also want to arbitrarily filter out some of the taxonomy terms in the exposed filter. In the vocabulary, there are a few terms that just don't make sense in the exposed filter use case, and will confuse end-users.

So I was able to make a view of the taxonomy that meets the criteria set forth above. Now, I want to use that to populate the the exposed filter in the view. How can do this? I didn't see any setting to set the value of the exposed filter to another view in the view UI.

I found this question, but the answers reference modules that exist(ed) for Drupal 7, but I don't see one for Drupal 8. How can I alter the exposed filter and populate it with the results of my view?

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