I am using "NO RESULTS BEHAVIOR" in Taxonomy menu views to show content in another language when default language content is missing (I have added a Global view area pointing to another view): it mostly works, but in views with paged content I get two "Go to next page" links, which is annoying. Any ideas ? Thanks

  • Is one link coming from the content of the original view and the other from the embedded No results view? – prkos Dec 5 at 17:30
  • Yes. By the way, I tried to configure the embedded view as block, but the repeated link is still there – Det Dec 6 at 10:33
  • What's your More link configuration? What happens if your No results is just a simple text and not another View? It might be a bug to display the link when No results are triggered. – prkos Dec 6 at 16:42

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