I need to create a pie chart on commerce orders according to user roles (for example, how many orders for people with a specific role).

I have tried with Views and Charts but the aggregation on user:roles does not seem to work well.

Is there a way to build this chart?

EDIT : if not a chart, a table will do the trick, but I can not find the way to build a two column table, one with the role label, the second with the number of orders related to people with this role? Aggregate seems to work really bad with user:roles (duplicates, false numbers, invisible fields if aggregation activated before adding the field...) but I guess someone has already built a View like this? Any idea?

  • Did you try just writing a sql query and outputting it as table in a block? Views can't always do everything. – Kevin Dec 14 '18 at 16:01

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